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amy hoffman

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Amy Hoffman is a self-taught intuitive artist.  In 2011, she realized her dream of being an artist could be a reality if she only tried and put her fear aside. Putting brush to canvas allowed her work to evolve as she followed her inner guidance & wisdom. 

While the painting process is all about play, being curious, and self-expression, Amy has also found this practice to be extremely healing and beneficial to all areas of her life. This is what is so healing about the practice.

"It is so freeing! Sometimes you can make really beautiful work, other times it is just therapy,” she says. “But most importantly, I find myself- and that is all I need." 

Amy primarily uses acrylic on canvas, occasionally she will add mixed media to her paintings to add extra texture & layers. She is most inspired by the human heart, spirituality & life itself.

Amy has a B.A. in Sociology from Iowa State University, is a certified yoga instructor, Intuitive Healer and Karuna® Reiki Master & Teacher. Most recently she has worked with Whitney Freya in her Creatively Fit Coaching program to learn how to encourage & help others pick up the paint brush to find their own creative and healing practices.

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