amy thompson


My work for the past nine years has focused on abstract acrylic pieces. It is just within the past few years, while using resin to seal dye on canvas that I started seeing the possibility of using resin and additives to create. By pure experimentation, I have stretched my limits of what painting is for me.  I have found a freedom in starting with simple resin then adding everything from glass paint, pigments, alcohol ink, and even spray to achieve the color, and then design that I am happy with. The uncertainty of what an additive will do within the resin, and even when applied on the resin, is exciting and drives most of my creative process.

This new process is slow but produces amazing works of art and illustrates a creative advancement in my paintings. There is a consistent progression from basic floral to an ever increasing urge for elaborate abstraction. I am very proud of the work I have done in a relatively short period of time. The pieces I am now creating have been some of the most challenging, yet have been my most enjoyable to create and exhibit.

Most recently, because resin is temperamental in the winter months, I have started to experiment in other mediums such as alcohol ink, oils and cold wax. I have found a quick honing of skill and patience has been achieved by my continuous experimenting with outside mediums than my usual. All of which will benefit when I resume resin and acrylic work in Spring, Summer and Fall.

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