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amy thompson


Amy Thompson has been a working artist for over twenty years. What started as a therapeutic exercise quickly turned into a passion and career. 

Schooled in writing, she learned that she could paint what she wanted, but couldn’t, express in words. She considers herself an abstract emotionalist. What is seen as art for art’s sake, abstract’s stereotype of a random smattering and dismissal as fine art, is in fact, a dialogue between herself and the canvas and ultimately the viewer.
Amy’s use of (and focus on) color, shape and form depicts a reality inside herself—an immediate emotion. She feels her pieces are depictions of intangible realities like love, fear, hate and complacency. 
Raw, unforgiving and brutally honest, Amy’s work is a truth, and in some cases, a confession. Inspired by her past and present, her themes can be found not only in the characteristics labeled as abstraction, but in her carefully chosen titles. 
While she works mainly in acrylics, she believes it is only in experimenting in other mediums that she can improve her art. She has worked with resin, ink, leafing, collage, oils, pigments and glass paint to name a few.  She also experiments in application techniques such as knife, hands and body, found objects and every day household objects. 
Amy finds a peace, a mode of communication In her work that she doesn’t find in life. She plans to continue evolving both in her work and in her career. 

To see more artwork from Amy go to her website at

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