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thomas kleber

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Thomas Kleber is from Sioux City, IA where he has lived most of his life.

He has no formal education in the arts other than art classes in high school; Thomas is a self-taught artist. His primary artistic focus is abstract and stippling and uses acrylic and paint pens. Thomas also has created paint pours and finds the technique to be a lot of fun. Thomas says, “Painting is a great way to dive into my mind and put it onto the canvas.” 

Thomas is excited to expand the mediums he uses and have them take him on a new journey. His goals as an artist are to find a place to have a studio and display his art in a gallery, which is coming to fruition at Art SUX Gallery. He looks forward to be a part of the Midwest and Siouxland artist communities and beyond. He finds it so important to be a part of a gallery where creativity is plentiful and shared. Artists that have influenced Thomas’ work includes Jackson Pollock, HR Giger and Moebius.

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