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Mary Sterk is a mixed media artist who loves bright and vibrant color.  Raised in the midwest, she raised a family of three while building a successful career owning a financial planning firm.  As the kids left home, space opened up to allow creativity to enter.   She enjoys being left brained by day (numbers, charts and graphs) and right brained by night (color, texture and beauty).


Mary says "I make art because it is an extension of my soul. The creativity inside of me bubbles up in vibrant color intertwined with text. Art is my way of speaking to the world about what is in my heart and mind. Each bright and uplifting canvas is a representation of my emotions, thoughts and desire to inspire people to build a bridge towards a brighter future. I believe our radiance inspires radiance in others, and I unapologetically live a big life, guiding others to grow and explore their own endless possibilities."


Mary begins each piece with a positive intention written in watercolor crayon. She rarely has a finished idea in mind and lets the painting take shape on its own, blending colors and textures until a picture or phrase emerges in her mind. Most of the time she has at least a dozen different pieces in a state of partial completion. A day in her studio involves adding touches, layers and texture to all of them. Her spontaneous mixed media process involves dozens of layers, full of vibrant combinations of acrylics, inks, stamps, collage materials, sheet music, fabrics, delightful ephemera, papers, markers, watercolors, glitter, glues and specialty mediums.


Mary can be reached at

To see more of Mary's work, visit her website at

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